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You're beautiful. Your grandma is in my prayers and you're going to accomplish great things no matter what school you go to. Even Harvard doesn't guarantee a job afterward. Put your chin up and shoulders back- you're gonna rock senior year <3


Thank you so so so much! This is so sweet and so kind and has made me feel a little better

I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. But in all honesty regarding school and college, who cares if you're going to a community college? You're still going to college, that's a pretty good achievement. I know that you'll do something really great with your life and that you will make a lot of people proud <3


Thank you so much for the kind words they really mean a lot! May I ask who this is?

I haven’t posted on tumblr in forever, because I was feeling really down and I wanted to write about my feelings but I have a hard time expressing them. I’m really good at masking how I feel, but I’m finally ready to write about it.This year has been an emotional year for me, but I’ve really only cried 3 times. First, when I got into my car accident (which I now suffer PTSD from.) Second, the day before my ex boyfriend broke up with me. And third, when I heard the news that my grandma has cancer. I’ve experienced physical and emotional pain, and the most painful thing of all was hearing the news about my grandma. I love my grandma so dearly and the thought of living in a world without her breaks my heart. Seeing my mom cry has also broken my heart. She knows my grandma is in a lot of pain. She knows my grandmas health is very bad. This summer has consisted of me constantly having to distract myself from my dark thoughts. I wake up from nightmares almost every single night. I’m at a very low point in my life and while I feel lucky to have such amazing friends and family to talk too, I just feel like no one understands how devastated I actually am. On top of everything, I feel like a failure. I’m a senior in High School and I’m taking the easiest classes possible because I know I’m going to community college. A lot of my friends are applying to great colleges because they amazing records, but for me, I’m staying local. At least for my first two years. I’m an average student and I always will be. I just want to make someone proud. I don’t even make myself proud.


*accidentally calls a teacher “bae”*


Fuck that new girl that you like so bad
She’s not crazy like me, I bet you like that


An elegant meal for one, tonight.


An elegant meal for one, tonight.

i am happy and i cannot sleep ahhhhHHH

I got asked out on an actual formal date and I’m so so so happy/nervous and I’m literally just laying in bed smiling to myself AHHH


"white people can’t danc-"


"white people can’t twer-"



just hold on

it scares me that you never know what someone is thinking or feeling towards you and everything that they say could be one massive lie